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Manufacturer Engine Keyboard Name Catalogue
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Addo Brunsviga Calcorex Chadwick
Contina Esacta Everest Facit
Felix Monroe Multical Odhner
Serio Thomas de Colmar Walter  
My Collection
Manufacturer Engine Keyboard Name Catalogue Details View
Addo Pinweel Setting Levers Multo ADD001
Brusnviga Pinweel Setting Levers 13-41 BRN001
13 ZK BRN002
Calcorex Pinweel Setting levers - CLC001
Chadwick Proportional displacement Half keiborad Speedee Add-A-Matic CHA001
Contina Stepped drum Setting levers Curta - Model I CNT001
Esacta Pinweel Setting levers 1154 ESC001
Everest Pinweel Ten keys Z4 EVR002
Z5R EVR001
Facit Pinweel Ten keys C1-13 FCT001
Felix Pinweel Setting levers - FLX001
M FLX002
Lagomarsino Pinweel Full keyboard Numeria LGM001
Monroe Pinweel Full keyboard - MNR001
Multical Proportional gear Setting levers - MLT001
Odhner Pinweel Setting levers - ODH002
- ODH001
Serio Pinweel Ten keys Everest Z5 SRI001
Thomas de Colmar Proportional gear Setting levers Aritmomètre THO001
Walter Pinweel Setting levers - WLT001
WSR160 WLT002

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