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This site is maintained by Giovanni Breda, an Italian collector of Mechanical Calculators and Slide Rules.

My intention is to share with other collectors and interested people image and information about my mehanical calculators. Each calculator is documented by a table containing some information and pictures.

The site is not for profit. The calculators described are not for sale nor for trade.

If you find out any errors or have any suggestions please e-mail me.

  18/08/2007     Added:
EVR001: Everest Z5R
EVR002: Everest Z4
CHA001: Chadwick Add-A-Matic
ODH002: Odhner
New image for:
WLT002: WSR160
  27/12/2006     Added Thomas de Colmar Arithmomètre  
  12/11/2005     The site is published after a complete re-design. The site now is based on php and mysql.
17 calculators described.

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